PIONEER Hero C - 2012

DuPont Pioneer is the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics providing high-quality seeds to farmers around the world. DuPont Pioneer is committed to increasing food production with high quality Pioneer® brand products and agronomic knowledge that maximizes agricultural productivity. By combining conventional and new technologies, DuPont Pioneer is delivering solutions to help meet the needs of a growing population whose demand for agricultural seeds and products continues to increase.

DuPont Pioneer has continued to show their support of CASE and agricultural education in several ways. They offers grants to agriculture teachers to attend CASE Institutes, utilize the End-of-Course assessments through CASE Online, and purchase supplies and equipment to implement CASE in their classrooms.

DuPont Pioneer is also the sponsor of the CASE Agricultural Research and Development (capstone) course. In this course, students complete projects and problems based in practical applications and designed to develop and improve their employability skills. Students also further enhance critical thinking and teamwork skills as they expand on content knowledge from previous CASE courses. CASE leadership appreciates DuPont Pioneer's continued support of CASE.

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