A curriculum comprises all the subjects studied at school or college. It includes all the themes and tasks for each subject during a year.

Agricultural Science Education has got a unique curriculum that provides relevant courses' sequence. An Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources' student (AFNR) understands easier the studied concepts with Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE). The National Council for Agricultural Education started it back in 2007.

Why is CASE different?

  1. CASE is well-known for its efficiency, professionalism, and a developed structure
  2. CASE offers significant development for teachers in various courses
  3. It holds detailed info on each course with lots of laboratory exercises that enhance practical knowledge.
  4. The laboratory exercises are carefully selected
  5. CASE has considered the students' need to achieve science, mathematics, and English language skills, too.

Our goals

CASE's main purpose is to improve agricultural education by offering teachers the proper training. This will further increase the students' interest in agriculture. CASE will do that by using a system of curriculum and professional development for teachers and provide them with the best resources. The list of all the textbooks and how to buy them is thoroughly listed on our website.

A student who graduates the CASE courses receives a certificate that offers articulation with post-secondary education institutions. CASE started to be used in schools in 2009. Up this year 2,551 teachers have obtained CASE course certifications. Check out the schools' availability here.

Become part of CASE

Being a student isn't always easy from the financial point of view if you are not from a rich family. Nowadays, this is not an issue anymore as there are loads of opportunities for taking a student loan. You just need to approach this matter responsibly and inform yourself properly.

Students who want to apply to institutions using CASE programs can take loans from several companies under special conditions. A student may nowadays take a loan even if he/she isn't financially stable or does not have a job yet.

However, considering the information factor, we recommend students to inform themselves on taking loans responsibly. In this order of ideas, we suggest students to go through the loan education center. The section thoroughly explains everything related to loans – the process, terms, conditions, and advantages. The students can also inform themselves how to manage the money in a world full of financial scams.

It's now easier to study with us!

The accessibility of loans makes studying with CASE affordable. This is a great chance to explore with us. Our students learn about life problems through real activities and projects that involve motivation. You will become an expert in agriculture. Do not be afraid of risks, follow your dream and become our student.

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