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Professional Development

Professional development facilitated by teachers with the flexibility, location, and schedule to meet teachers’ needs.

CASE professional development is available in three formats: CASE Institutes, BriefCASEs and CASE Teacher MeetUp. Each professional development event is designed to meet a specific teacher need varying from course certification to microprofessional development opportunities.



CASE Institute

The typical CASE Institute spans 40-90 hours of intensive, rigorous programming representing an entire semester or year of instruction for each unique CASE course in a collaborative setting where teachers are immersed in content-specific, project-based instruction. Intensity (content and pacing), length (duration), transformation (inquiry instruction), procedure (set-up, facilitation, assessment), pre-work, and prior CASE experience required vary according to course and CASE Institute design. Fast Tracks are only offered for select courses; they require much more pre-work (reading and unit reviews) to be completed before arriving on site, and typically require only 40-50 hours of in person work.


BriefCASE professional development is available for modular and semesterized curriculum resources. BriefCASE sessions may last from a few hours up to a few days, depending on the perceived needs. BriefCASE design variables account for participant preconception, expertise, and metacognitive processes related to:

  • Anticipated cognitive load related to content.
  • Anticipated difficulty of technical skill mastery.
  • Prescribed length of course.
  • Comfort level with CASE inquiry pedagogy and curricular design.

BriefCASE sessions provide teachers important background related to the pedagogy used in CASE curricula and practice teaching various lessons to prepare them for classroom instruction. Teachers are required to attend the entire workshop and CASE Institute instructors determine if each teacher is adequately prepared to provide instruction using CASE curricula.

Teacher MeetUp

The new era of CASE professional development also includes a virtual learning booster program. CASE Teacher MeetUp is an opportunity for CASE teachers to participate in ongoing CASE professional development. Teacher MeetUp provides micro professional development opportunities throughout the year. The goal of CASE Teacher MeetUp is to empower CASE teachers to mentor, support and learn in a digital format on an as needed basis. MeetUp events are designed and facilitated by CASE teachers with leadership provided by CASE Staff. Providing professional development in timely, low-commitment situations educators are able to select which topics are most relevant to their teaching practice and immediately implement the new strategy in the classroom.


Peer-Led Professional Development

CASE utilizes a train-the-trainer model for professional development events. This model is an effective strategy to ensure continuity across professional development events and relatability between teacher trainers and participants. By implementing this model each professional development events results in a cohort of teachers. As a result, CASE has developed a network of agricultural educators providing classroom and program support for one another.

Following a train-the-trainer approach, CASE staff and advisors prepare Lead and Master Teachers to facilitate professional development events during the annual eliteELEVATION Conference, formerly Lead Teacher Orientation. eliteELEVATION is a 2.5 day conference in which Lead Teachers gather to refine their teaching practice, develop professional development event lesson plans and remain current on issues within agricultural education and secondary education programs. Lead Teacher training focuses on investing in the Lead Teachers, then training them to train adult learners appropriately.