Firestone Ag H RGB Red Sm

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company was founded by Harvey S. Firestone, a fourth generation farmer, in July 1900. At a time when manufacturers were focused on building tires for automobiles, Harvey dreamed of putting rubber tires on farm tractors. His dream came to fruition in 1932 when he produced the world’s first pneumatic tractor tire. This new Firestone tire helped launch the most rapid and striking changes in farm equipment history.

Along with building tires for tractors, Firestone continues to builds tires for the full line of farm equipment, including flotation, irrigation and implement needs. New chemistries, product development and manufacturing innovations from Bridgestone motorsports, retail, commercial and off-the-road units are incorporated into the tire products built for the farm.

CASE leadership appreciates Firestone's sponsorship of the CASE Agricultural Power and Technology course. The Agricultural Power and Technology course utilizes inquiry-based activites, projects, and problems that focus upon the form and function of material, machines and tools used in agriculture. In this course, students apply technical skill while becoming competent in the process that is used to operate, repair, engineer and design agricultural tools and equipment.

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