End-of-Course Assessments

Why should my program facilitate CASE End-of-Course Assessments (EoCs)?

  • The end-of-course (EoC) assessments were developed by CASE to align with CASE concepts and National AFNR Common Career Technical Core Standards. The assessments are available through NOCTI, serving as the CASE partner for third-party delivery.  EoC assessments serve as a measurement of student success that is statewide, valid, and reliable, and comparable across the state these end-of-course assessments meet Perkins V requirements.
  • CASE EoCs provide teachers, administrators, and other stakeholder groups with student performance data.
  • CASE encourages institutions to include CASE EoC benchmarks as performance measurements in articulation and dual credit agreements. 

CASE EoCs are a nationwide assessment for CASE students, aligned directly with CASE coursework.

CASE EoCs may be facilitated as a pre-assessment and a post-assessment, or, post-assessment only.

CASE EoCs are available for the following courses:

  • AFNR
  • ASA
  • ASP
  • APT
  • NRE
  • APB
  • FSS
  • MSA
  • ESI

How do I purchase CASE EoC access for my program?

NEW THIS YEAR CASE EoCs will be available on the NOCTI platform beginning August 1. 
  • CASE EoCs will be delivered via NOCTI, a third-party assessment agency. CASE EoC content is developed and aligned to CASE courses by independent contractors.
  • Fee structure:
    • $8 per student, per course for post-assessment access
    • $10 per student, per course for pre- and post-assessment access
  • Follow these steps to get started! NOCTI is currently onboarding CASE clients. Assessments will be available by September 1.

I am a stakeholder organization and am interested in providing CASE EoC access to a large group of teachers. How do I do this?

CASE is working with NOCTI to continue the CASE EoC subscription program. CASE recognizes many agricultural education programs operate on a small budget and may need financial assistance to implement CASE EoCs. The CASE EoC subscription program is designed to meet this need.

  • The anticipated cost is:
    • $8 per student, per course for post-assessment access
    • $10 per student, per course for pre- and post-assessment access
  • Complete this form if you are interested in joining the CASE EoC subscription program for the 2021-2022 school year.