Lead Teacher Expectations


Professional Development

  • Participate in ongoing professional development
  • Remain current with curriculum updates and revisions
  • Remain current with course-related software and hardware updates

Program Quality

  • Test and evaluate hardware and software as needed
  • Pilot and submit comments on new programs or curricula when requested
  • Work in collaboration with other professionals to develop and implement instructional material, curricula, and staff development opportunities

CASE Institute Facilitation

  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the full scope and breadth of the specific CASE course curriculum, CASE pedagogy, and CASE philosophy
  • Have subject area expertise and demonstrate excellent communication and instructional methodology skills
  • Attend and participate in all eliteELEVATION sessions as offered
  • Work collaboratively with an assigned teaching partner to develop effective instructional strategies including specific Daily Plans for the assigned CASE Institute or BriefCASE
  • Review and practice assigned CASE Institute or BriefCASE Activities, Projects, and Problems prior to arriving at the CASE Institute
  • Arrive at the CASE Institute site at least one day prior to start date to meet with the Host Site Coordinator, organize teaching materials, and prepare facilities
  • Create an instructional atmosphere that is conducive to all learners