Teacher MeetUp

CASE Teacher MeetUp provides on-time, micro-professional development opportunities for CASE teachers. Teacher MeetUp programming focuses on CASE implementation and instructional practices, developing a cohort of support and continuing to innovate agricultural education.


CASE Journey

CASE Journey is a new mentoring program for CASE teachers. Through monthly rest stops and virtual sightseeing webinars mentees will connect with their mentor and gain valuable support, coaching and motivation to implement CASE courses in their agricultural education programs.


Teacher MeetUp Facebook Group

Certified CASE teachers may join the Teacher MeetUp Facebook group through their MyCASE profile. The group is a great place to ask CASE – specific questions, connect with fellow CASE teachers and learn about CASE programs and events.


TeachMeet Unconference

CASE TeachMeet is a form of unconference adapted for distance professional development. Each month there will be one 30-minute session. TeachMeet dates and times may vary as session topics and teacher interest is determined.

What is an “unconference”?

Participants select the topics, date/time, and location for sessions. Possible locations are Facebook or Zoom. Anywhere promoting collaborative digital discussion and learning will work!

All participants take an active role in sessions. There are no formal facilitators or keynote speakers. Unconferences thrive on the collaboration, discussion and innovation of participants.

Once a schedule of sessions is developed, participants pick and choose which sessions to attend.