The call from Perkin’s reform stress that Career and Technology Education (CTE) subject matter should be integrated with science and mathematics while providing a structured sequence of courses. Educational research suggests that student-learning opportunities are enhanced when the instruction provided is rigorous to challenge student thinking and relevant to engage active participation.

CASE will develop ten courses for secondary agricultural education programs to offer. The ten courses are designed to create four Program of Study pathways. A Program of Study pathway prescribes a minimum of four courses to learn and understand the knowledge and skills related to the specific subject matter for pathways of Animal Science, Plant Science, Agricultural Engineering, Natural Resources, and Agribusiness.

CASE utilizes four Program of Study pathways to increase the rigor of coursework while spiraling and scaffolding content knowledge and technical skills. Click on a pathway below for more information regarding the pathway and its courses.

CASE Program of Study Pathways

Animal Science

Animal Science Pathway for Web

Plant Science

Plant Science Pathway for Web

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering Pathway for Web

Natural Resources

Natural Resources Pathway for Web