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Certification Transition Policy

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CASE certification is intellectual property of the teacher who completes the professional development. Certification is a measure of professional growth in topics of CASE pedagogy and assurance of competency for using specific CASE materials. Therefore, CASE certification stays with a teacher throughout their career regardless of their place of employment.

In the event of a CASE certified teacher leaving a program and replaced by a non-certified CASE teacher a probationary period is proposed to assist the transition. Typically, professional development expenses are paid for by the sponsoring school district for a teacher. A policy to protect the investment made by a school district during the implementation of CASE is important to encourage the continuation of CASE instruction during a transition. Additionally, a probationary period would ensure that students enrolled in a CASE sequence of courses are not penalized for the transition of a teacher.

For more information, see the CASE Teacher Transition Policy.

To request probationary access, contact CASE Director, Nancy Trivette with the name of the teacher you replaced and the courses you are requesting probationary status to teach.


Teachers — Moving schools?

If you have changed schools since attending a CASE Institute and would like to continue to receive updates, discounts, and other information, please update your information through your MyCASE profile.