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Check out APT in New Mexico!

New Mexico Agriculture Education and FFA Association

 Agricultural Power and Technology (APT)


Host Contact Information 

New Mexico Agriculture Education:


Event Details

Orientation: There is no virtual orientation for this event

Event Start Date: Virtual July 1-2, In-Person July 8 8:00 AM

Event End Date: July 12 3:00 PM

Registration Price: $3,400

Register through the MyCASE portal.

Make all checks payable to the National Council for Agricultural Education; print the W9 here.

Mail to: National Council for Agricultural Education, c/o Melissa Rekeweg, 6060 FFA Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46278


Participant Lodging & Meals

Check-In: 07/07/24

Check-out: 07/12/24

Lodging Location: Local Hotel, To be announced

Description: Hotel, double-occupancy

Lunch & Dinner: Participants receive lunch and dinner from the host daily during the in-person component. 

Travel: Not included with registration.


CASE Institute Location

New Mexico State University campus


Miscellaneous Details


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CASE Institute Host
Email Brandon Devine