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Transition Policy

CASE Teacher Transition Policy

TEACHERS: Are you new to a school/agricultural education program and replacing a CASE certified teacher? 

ADMINISTRATORS: Have you replaced a CASE certified teacher with a non-CASE certified teacher or is the newly hired teacher not certified in the CASE courses offered at the school?

The CASE Teacher Transition Policy and Probationary Access can help bridge the gap until the new teacher is fully certified, thus maintaining consistency of the instructional program for students.

CASE certification is the intellectual property of the teacher who completes CASE professional development. CASE certification stays with a teacher throughout their career regardless of their place of employment. 

When a CASE certified teacher leaves a school utilizing CASE curriculum, the incoming teacher can apply for a ONE instructional year probationary period to use the curriculum without being certified, with the expectation that the incoming teacher commit to course certification during a CASE Institute at the close of the school year (usually the following summer). If more than one CASE course is offered, certifications for all courses need to be completed by the new teacher at a rate of at least one course per year.

A school district may continue to use CASE curriculum for the courses in which the former teacher was certified for a period of ONE instructional year with the following requirements:

  • Pre-pay $830 ($1030 in 2023 and thereafter) certification fee for the incoming teacher. This fee will be reduced from the final cost of professional development the following summer.
  • Provide a letter from the administration with a commitment to send the incoming teacher to a CASE Institute for the specific course certification at the close of the school year.
  • Successful completion of CASE Foundations, approximately 1 hour online professional development, by the non-certified teacher.

Upon receipt of the items above, the requested course will be accessible to the transitioning teacher until June 30. Access will not be granted until payment is received. Payment via credit card, preferred, provides immediate access to the course. 

After the probationary period expires on June 30, access to the materials will expire. The school district will be informed that it is in violation of copyright laws if they continue to use all or parts of the materials in question without appropriate teacher certification. By sending the non-certified teacher to the summer professional development, they will gain permanent access to the curriculum.

If you fit the criteria, apply for Probationary Access.

You should hear from a CASE Team member within 3 business days.