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CASE Professional Development Events

CASE PD Events are hosted regionally through Ag Ed partners throughout the country. Hosts are the heart of the CASE curriculum delivery model. They include affiliate post-secondary programs, industry, CTE teacher programs, and sometimes even FFA chapters. There are three different types of PD events, CASE Institutes, BriefCASES, and Preservice programs. Hosts coordinate facilities, meals, and supplies for the training. They also communicate with CASE, participants, and our Lead Teachers to organize the PD event. Applications and the Host Manual are linked under Host Resources.


CASE Institutes

CASE Institutes are specialized professional development for full-year CASE courses. Institutes are five to nine days. CASE manages registration and invoicing participants. CIs are hosted from June to August. 

Application Timeline:    August 15th – September 30th

CASE Courses delivered via CASE Institutes
•Ag Equipment Maintenance and Technology (AEMT)
•Animal and Plant Biotechnology(APB)
•Introduction to Ag Food and Natural Resources (AFNR)
•Ag Power and Technology (APT)
•Animal Science (ASA)
•Plant Science (ASP)
•Environmental Science Issues(ESI)
•Food Science and Safety (FSS)
•Natural Resources and Ecology(NRE)



Specialized professional development for shortened CASE courses or modules (9-18 weeks). BriefCASEs range from five hours to three days. Hosts manage registration and invoicing participants. BriefCASEs are hosted year-round.

Application Timeline:    Ongoing (Three to five months before the event)

CASE Courses delivered via BriefCASEs
•Ag Business Foundations (ABF)
•AgXplore Middle School (AgX)
•Animal Health and Vet. Science (AVHS)
•Small Gas Engines (SGE)

Preservice Programs

Provisional training for preservice students currently in an undergraduate agricultural education program. CASE manages registration and invoices the academic institution.

Application Timeline:    Ongoing (Two months before the event)

Interested in hosting CASE in your state? Here are a few helpful resources.
Host Manual (draft)
CASE Institute Application
BriefCASE Application
Preservice Application
CASE Branding Guide


Hosts can access more specific information for scheduled events in their MyCASE dashboards (coming Fall 2023).
CASE Institutes
 John Bergin
BriefCASE & Pre-Service
 Jen Russell