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Certified Teacher FAQs

  • If I move schools, can I teach CASE at my new school?

    • Yes. Once you become certified, the curriculum becomes your intellectual property and moves with you regardless.
  • If I move schools, what happens to the CASE classes once I’m gone?

    • Schools do not own CASE curriculum. Anyone who is not the CASE certified teacher is not allowed to share the materials with another non-certified teacher as that would violate our copyright.
  • I replaced a CASE certified teacher, but I am not certified. How can I teach this course?

    • We offer Probationary Certification for a teacher who replaces a CASE certified teacher. This requires a $800 payment for the curriculum portion and a commitment from your administrator that you will attend training immediately the next summer, where you will pay the remaining fees to your host site.
  • I have a student teacher this year and they need access to my certifications. What do I do?

    • First, have your student teacher create an account on MyCASE.
    • Second, email Jessie with the student teacher's name, email address, and which courses they need access to.
    • Access will be removed at the end of the semester or year.
  • I was pre-service certified and now I need to finalize my certification. What do I do?

    • If you paid $100 to become certified at your institution, you will need to have your new place of employment finalize your certification via this link by paying the remaining $700.