CASE will be seeking Lead Teachers for the 2020 CASE Institute season.

CASE Lead Teacher Orientation will be March 26-28, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Applications to become a CASE Lead Teacher will available in the fall.

Lead Teachers have a responsibility to their institute participants and CASE to provide high-quality, well-planned professional development representative of CASE intentions. Basic responsibilities follow, but may not be inclusive of all expectations.

Lead Teacher Expectations

Professional Development

  • Participate in ongoing professional development
  • Remain current with curriculum updates and revisions
  • Remain current with course-related software and hardware updates

Program Quality

  • Test and evaluate hardware and software as needed
  • Pilot and submit comments on new programs or curricula when requested
  • Work in collaboration with other professionals to develop and implement instructional material, curricula, and staff development opportunities

CASE Institute Facilitation

  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the full scope and breadth of the specific CASE course curriculum, CASE pedagogy, and CASE philosophy
  • Have subject area expertise and demonstrate excellent communication and instructional methodology skills
  • Attend and participate in all CASE Lead Teacher Orientation sessions as offered
  • Work collaboratively with an assigned teaching partner to develop effective instructional strategies including specific Daily Plans for the assigned CASE Institute
  • Review and practice assigned CASE Institute Activities, Projects, and Problems prior to arriving at the CASE Institute
  • Arrive at the CASE Institute site at least one day prior to start date to meet with the Host Site Coordinator, organize teaching materials, and prepare facilities
  • Create an instructional atmosphere that is conducive to all learners

 Please review the Lead Teacher Manual and performance rubric prior to beginning an application.

Lead Teacher Manual LT Performance Rubric

Lead Teacher Applications will be online. The Administrative Acknowledgement (available for download below) and letters of recommendation (for Master Teacher Promotion only) need to be scanned and ready for upload to your application. Progress can be saved and the application can be completed at a different time.

New LT App Admin Agreement


Deadline for all Lead and Master Teacher Applications is Friday, September 14th.

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