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Mission, Vision and Values

Est. 2009

As of October 2022, 3,667 educators are certified in 7,198 CASE courses through our transformative, inquiry-based professional development institutes held each summer, and throughout the year during BriefCASEs. CASE certified teachers will reach more than 100,000+ students in 2023 with inquiry-based, student-focused activities, projects, and problems.

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Our Mission

To design industry-leading,inquiry-based curriculum and teacher education to create lifelong learners and prepare students for the future of agriculture.

Our Vision

To develop curriculum and professional development that empowers agriculture education teachers to inspire, educate, and prepare students for career success in the agricultural industry.

4 Core Values 

Purposeful Curriculum 

Creating a flexible, ready-to-execute curriculum model of sequenced agricultural education courses that enhance the delivery of agricultural education, uphold educational core standards, and help create work-life balance for teachers.

Student-Centered Learning 

Fostering a student-centered agricultural educational experience that’s focused on inquiry and project-based learning.

Fostering Connection and Growth 

Building a network of agriculture educators across the nation to create unity and support, and recognize achievements. 

Teacher Training 

Certifying teachers through industry-leading professional development, they can enhance the agricultural education experience for students.




CASE is an initiative of the National Council for Agricultural Education (The Council).

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