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  • Access our W9
  • Long-Term Substitute - If you have a long term sub who needs temporary access to your curriculum.
  • Student Teacher - If you have a student teacher who needs temporary access to your curriculum.
  • Can't Access MyCASE - If you're having trouble logging into MyCASE, or if your MyCASE does not have your curriculum.
  • Trial/Review Request - If you need temporary access to the curriculum to submit to administrators or textbook committee for review.
  • Research Request - If you're conducting research related to CASE and need resources.


Nancy Trivette


Nancy Trivette

Contact Nancy with questions regarding the CASE Advisory Committee and CASE sponsorship.

Carl Aakre


Carl Aakre
Assistant Director

Contact Carl with questions regarding Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR), Agricultural Power and Technology (APT), Natural Resources and Ecology (NRE), Mechanical Systems in Agriculture (MSA), and Environmental Science Issues (ESI) courses.



Jessie Lumpkins
Marketing Manager

Contact Jessie regarding scholarships, institute and implementation grants, the CASE website and social media accounts, marketing materials for local, state, and regional events, connecting with administration regarding CASE, and general CASE questions.



Brianne Jankowski
Professional Development and Operations Coordinator

Contact Brianne regarding curriculum access, CASE store orders, and professional development scheduling and logistics for participants, hosts, and Lead/Master Teachers.



John Bergin
Curriculum Coordinator

Contact John regarding Agricultural Power and Technology (APT) and Mechanical Systems in Agriculture (MSA) courses.



Tiffany Zweygardt
Curriculum Coordinator

Contact Tiffany regarding Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources and AgXplore courses.


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