Scholarships and Grants

Financial Assistance

CASE Sponsors make scholarships and grants possible for the teachers and programs seeking financial support to implement CASE. 


CASE Institute Scholarships

All new and current agricultural instructors are welcome to apply. CASE Scholarships are available for teachers planning to attend CASE Institutes in the summer of 2024. CIs are hosted from June to August. View the full CI Schedule here; applicants must identify their top three institute selections. 

Partial Scholarships Available:    $1,500.00 

Application Timeline:   

NAEDA scholarships are available for Ag Power & Technology (APT) and Ag Equipment Maintenance & Technology (AEMT) institutes.
Tractor Supply Co scholarships are available for Animal and Plant Biotechnology (APB), Plant Science (ASP), Animal Science (ASA), and Ag Power & Technology (APT) institutes.  
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CASE Scholarship Checklist Items
•Teacher Contact Information
•Top 3 CASE Insitute Selection
•Impact Statement 
•Admin or Registrant Acknowledgement Form 
•Letter of Support for CASE Implementation

CASE Scholarships are made possible by:



CASE Biotechnology Curriculum Revisions Committee

CASE is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated high school agricultural education teachers to join a volunteer committee tasked with implementing Animal and Plant Biotechnology curriculum into the classroom and providing feedback on the process as part of the CASE APB Curriculum Revision Committee. This committee will play a pivotal role in helping other agricultural educators shape the educational experiences of students by integrating cutting-edge biotechnological concepts into agricultural education. Click here for a full committee description.

Partial APB Scholarships Available:    $2,000.00 

Application Timeline:   March 18, 2024 - April 5, 2024 



Implementation Grants 

Middle and High School teachers who instruct at least one CASE Course or schools that plan to expand or start CASE programming are welcome to apply. Grants can include requests for funding of CASE certification, equipment, materials, and/or software from CASE Vendors to facilitate CASE courses. 

Grant Funds Available:   up to $5,000.00 per applicant

Application Timeline:    November 1 - December 6, 2023

CASE Implementation Grant Application Checklist Items
•Teacher & Administrator Information
•School Contact Information
•Itemized Budget Proposal
•Estimated Student Impact
•Impact Statement 
•Letter of Support for CASE Implementation


CASE Grants are made possible by:

Needing funding to implement CASE? Here are a few helpful resources.
Apply Today: Scholarship Application
Applications will remain open until all scholarships are filled.
Applicants will be notified of their status immediately after receiving a complete application. 
Please be prepared to register for an event when a scholarship is awarded. 


April 15, 2024, is the deadline for CASE Institute registrations; however, all scholarship recipients will be assisted to ensure successful registration regardless of this deadline.


Scholarships & Grants
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