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Affiliate Institutions

Affiliate institutions are colleges and universities that provide services to CASE teachers from their state and many neighboring states. Affiliate programs have staff that successfully complete a CASE Institute and potentially are Master and Lead Teachers. Affiliate institutions host and manage CASE Institute sessions, provide graduate credit to CASE Institute participants, and work with local school districts to promote and enhance CASE courses.

Affiliate Institutions

Arkansas Tech University

College of Southern Idaho

Cornell University

Iowa State University*

Kansas State University*

McNeese State University

New Mexico State University*

North Carolina State University

Oregon State University*

Pennsylvania State University

Purdue University*

Rutgers University

South Central College

Southeast Community College

Stephan F. Austin State University*

Tennessee State University

University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Arizona*

University of Hawai'i at Manoa

University of Illinois

University of Kentucky

University of Maryland

University of Missouri*

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Nevada, Reno*

Washington State University*

West Virginia University*

*Offers a pre-service CASE Institute


Affiliate Professors

Dr. David Agnew, Arkansas State University

J.D. Baser, Washington State University

Dr. Jessica Blythe, West Virginia University

Amanda Bowling, University of Missouri

Kristina Carey, University of Nevada Reno

Dr. Candis Carraway, Stephan F. Austin State University

Kellie Claflin, Oregon State University

Dr. Nathan Conner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Brandie Disberger, Kansas State University

Dr. Tre Easterly, New Mexico State University

Dr. Rebekah Epps, University of Kentucky

Dr. Daniel Foster, The Penn State University

Dr. Mark Hainline, Iowa State University

Dr. Dann Husmann, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Alan Jaros, Michigan State University

Dr. Justin Killingsworth, Arkansas Tech University

Shari Lighthall, Cornell University

Dr. Kristin Matsumoto, University of Hawai'i Manoa

Dr. Lucas Maxwell, Illinois State University

Dr. OP McCubbins, Texas A&M University

Dr. Aaron McKim, Michigan State University

Dr. John Michael Mehaffey, Stephan F. Austin State University

Quintin Molina, University of Arizona

Dr. Lori Moore, Texas A&M University

Dr. Travis Parks, North Carolina State University

Dr. Jeffrey Perry, Cornell University

Dr. Jerry Peters, Purdue University

Monica Pierce, Highland Community College

Dr. Bryan Rank, Arkansas Tech University

Dr. Michael Retallick, Iowa State University

Dr. Amber Rice, University of Arizona

Dr. John Ricketts, Tennessee State University

Dr. Mark Russell, Purdue University

Brad Schloesser, South Central College

Jonathan Seaman, The Penn State University

Dr. Scott Smalley, Iowa State University

Dr. Andrew Thoron, University of Florida

Dr. Robert Torres, University of Arizona

Dr. John Tummons, University of Missouri

Dr. Jonathan Ulmer, Kansas State University

Roy Walls, University of Maryland

Dr. Hui-Hui Wang, Purdue University

Dr. Susie Whittington, The Ohio State University

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