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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the CASE Advisory Committee is an elected sub-committee of the larger advisory committee and is responsible to take action on proposals brought forward for the good of the CASE initiative. Seven members from the CASE Advisory Committee are elected to serve three-year terms on the Executive Committee. All terms begin on January 1. The Executive Committee elects a Chairperson to serve a two-year term (during their final two years of service). The composition of the Executive Committee includes one state leader from each NAAE Region and one at large state leader. For more information, check out the Advisory Committee's Policies and Procedures. 

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Region 1
Jennifer McCann-Arreola
until December 2024
Region 2
Kevin Moreau
until December 2023
Region 3
Scott Smalley
until December 2025
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Region 4
Katrina Swinehart
until December 2023
Region 5
Buddy Crass
until December 2023
Region 6
Shari Lighthall
New York
until December 2025
Dr. Amber Rice, Chairman
until December 2024